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Pergola Builder in Orlando FL Central FL

Many clients want to expand their usable living space by adding a summer kitchen or outdoor kitchen. These outdoor living spaces can be complimented wiht the addition of a pergola, an outdoor fireplace, wood fired pizza oven or other outdoor living feature.

Being a hands on licensed general contractor gives us Construction the experience and expertise to permit and construct any outdoor living feature. As a client you benefit by hiring one contractor to construct the design that you have planned with your Landscape Architect or to connect our Landscape Architect with you to handle the design process.

With your design in hand we will permit, construct and finish your outdoor living project as we are experienced Central Florida outdoor living contractors. With Fl Custom Home Builders handling the construction of your Central Florida outdoor living space you will have ample time to shop for the furnishings that will complete your outdoor living space.

Your contract with us to build your outdoor living space will include a description of the work to be completed, a schedule of construction and a draw schedule.

The description of work will include a list of all items that we are responsible for providing and the labor that we will be providing. This may include allowances for materials that have not been selected or may include a provision for you to provide the material. This is not common but may be for materials such as tile finishes where the client has not made the tile selection at date of the contract. This allowance or exclusion will allow the project to get under construction yet allow the extra time for the selection to occur.

The schedule of construction for your outdoor living space or outdoor kitchen will include targe dates and completion items. This schedule must be considered as anticipated as items such as inclement weather, permitting delays, materials deliveries, etc. can delay or accelerate the schedule. Consider that you would not want your pergola or outdoor fireplace builder to dig your footers when rain is forecast, this would only open opportunities for cave in and pooling water issues.

A draw schedule will be included as part of your agreement with us as your outdoor living builder. This draw scheudle may include a deposit of up to 50% of the project cost. This heavy initial draw enables for the ordering of materials during the permitting process and will accelerate your projects completion date as it enables time for shipping and prevents possibilities of wait times for project delivery. As many finish materials are not in stock on a regular basis and as vendors for large storage capacity materisl such as natural stone pavers depend upon lead time to consistantly deliver their product on time. The remainder of your projects draws will be detailed in our agreement and at some times need to be flexible to allow for proper flow of your outdoor living project as it is being built. As you research your options for hiring a contractor to construct your outdoor living space please be sure to make sure that your shortlist of potential contractors is licensed. You can consult the State of Florida Department of Professions to ensure that your hiring a Licensed General Contractor.

Upon ensuring that your potential outdoor living builder is properly licensed you might consult the Central Florida Better Business Bureau to check on dispute frequency and their resolution practices. You may discover other online resources as you do your research to find a reputable Central Florida outdoor living builder, a little research may save a lot of future frustrations.

Summer Kitchens | Outdoor Kitchens
The term summer kitchen might be an inappropraite term in Orlando and Central Florida as we use our outdoor kitchens year round. As your Orlando FL. outdoor kitchen contractor we will begin by obtaining a permit and then begin demolition. Following demolition we will begin digging to install of the underground utilities that will service your outdoor kitchen. While we are installing your our hardscape builders will begin to dig your footers and install the supporting steel reinforcement and obtain proper inspections of such. Inspections must be scheduled wiht the city or county permitting agency and typically can be within two days of receiving the call for inspection from your outdoor living builder.

Swimming Pool Amenity Contractor
Expanding your home with the addition of a swimming pool amenity will refresh your pool and transform your pool into an inviting space. You may desire to add a water feature to your Orlando Florida swimming pool, or maybe you want to add a covered pavilion, or even add a spa or transform your spa into a water feature. The possibilities are endless as to how to transform your swimming pool and bring the enjoyment of using it back to your family. Many past clients want to modernize their Central Florida swimming pools but are at a loss for ideas, our Landscape Architect will design an exciting space for you that will transform your under used pool into a gathering space of envy.

Luxury Swimming Pools
Luxury swimming pools are outdoor living spaces that include luxury amenities. These swimming pools have many different features that requre many differen skills and trades and lead to the need for a licensed general contractor to manage and facilitate their construction. The pool segment will still be permitted by a licensed swimming pool contractor yet the oversight and construction of the entire project requires the involvement of a licensed general contractor. Your choice to hire us to construct your Luxury Swimming Pool project frees you of many time consuming tasks, reduces the amount of meetings and removes the risk of one contractor not performing the the needs of the project. Suprisingly a Luxury Swimming Pool can be constructed more economically by a licensed general contractor subcontracting the pool portion to a swimming pool contractor. This is achieved through removing the duplication of tasks, efficient scheduling and established relationships.

What we do not build is the common every day swimming pool, those swimming pools are more economically constructed by meeting with pool contractors and selecting one of their standard pools from the portfolio. Landscape Architect will design an exciting space for you that will transform your under used pool into a gathering space of envy.

Orlando Paver Contractor Adding a paved outdoor living space to your garden will add usable square footage to your home. You might select concrete pavers or natural stone pavers as both are readily available in Central Florida and quite affordable. Depending on your sites condition concrete paver patios, walks and driveways can be added for approximately $4.00 to $5.50 per square foot. Natural stone paved outdoor living spaces may be added for between $7.00 and $9.50 per square foot on average. This will depend upon the paver that you select and your sites conditions. One comment that we always receive from clients when their project is completed is that they never realized how much usable space they had until their paver project was completed. As we are licensed general contractors we can handle all of your Orlando Florida concrete and natural stone paver needs.

Pergola Builder
Pergola's may be of many configurations and materials and may be build for a number of reasons. Many clients desire to add an outdoor living space that includes a partiall shaded area, this can be accomplished with the addition of a pergola. As your pergola contractor we will adjust the space between the overhead stringer boards to allow for more or less shade, depending upon your needs. Adjusting diffrenet levels beneath the pergola may also be accomplished by planting vining plantings. Some clients desire to attach their pergola to their home to shade the windows from direct sun. Other clients desire to have their pergola free-standing to add a focal point and a separated use space. Many landscape contractors will offer to install a pergola for you, please keep in mind that they may be using "typical" drawings which do not allow you to adjust the space coverage and design. A permit is required for any pergola installation in all Central Florida communities and must be signed and sealed by a Licensed Landscape Architect. Fl Custom Home Builders works directly with our landscape architect to allow you the freedom to have your dream pergola constructed and not a cookie cutter item ordered from a catalog.

Curb Appeal Builder
Having an attractive home is important to most central florida home owners. Increasing curb appeal may be the scope of your outdoor living project yet your goal may be to increase value, embellish style, add usable living space on the street side or many other reasons. There are too many features that can be added to the front of your home to increase curb appeal, chances are you have ideas in mind.

Outdoor Fireplace Contractor
That old metal firepit was fun until it rusted, bring back the joy by adding a built-in outdoor fireplace that will last for generations to come. Central Florida's weather is more condusive to having your fireplace constructed outside instead of in your home. The design possibilities are endless with many different styles and configurations to select from. As your Orlando Florida outdoor fireplace builder we will start with the permit, while your permit is being processed by your city or county we will order materials which might include a Firerock fireplace kit or Pavestone fireplace kitthat includes all of the elements needed for an outdoor fireplace and reduces the cost over traditional fireplace construction. The look of this kit might scare you but remember, the kit is the internal workings and as your Orlando outdoor fireplace builder we can finish your outdoor fireplace to compliment your residence and your lifestyle. Upon achieving your central florida outdoor fireplace permit we will begin demolition and excavation for your fireplace footings. Steel reinforcement will be added and your city or county building inspector will inspect and approve our work. Upon approval we will begin any block work and the fireplace kit that will be the framework and working elements of your outdoor fireplace project. Inspectors will again be calld in and upon their approaval the cells of the block work will be filled with concrete and then we will begin adding the finishes. Your finishes may include natural stone, manufactured or cultured stone, stucco, or other materials. Finising touches such as tile on your hearth, a mantle, and any concrete or natural stone pavers will be added to complete your Orlando Florida outdoor fireplace.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven Builder
Health conscious clients are trending to adding wood fired pizza ovens to their kitchens and outdoor living spaces. We are experienced with adding these features. Client's tend to use outdoor wood fired pizza ovens more than they do indoor ones as the temperature that must be achieved to properly cook a pizza in a wood fired oven is extreme at approximately 700 degrees. Typical wood fired pizza ovens start with a kit such as Fogazzo. Your design is not limited by the shape of the oven and should express your personality and reflect the architecture of your residence or outdoor living space. Consider adding ample counter space for preparation and handling of the breads and pizza that you will bake. Past clients have enjoyed being able to be seated at or near the oven opening to monitor progress of the fire building process and baking. One past client indicates that their home has become the central gathering place for friends and family and that they bake approximately 60 pizza's at each gathering. An outdoor pizza oven is more than a means of cooking healthy food, it is the genesis of memories.

Outdoor Shower | Outdoor Bathroom Builder
An outdoor bathroom or shower may be a feature that you desire to add to your outdoor living space. The addition of an outdoor restroom can vary from a simple shower with drainage to the addtion of an entire open air bathroom. We will make your dream a reality with the skills to assist in design, permit and construct your outdoor shower or restroom. Building outdoor restrooms in Central Florida has become quite popular in recent years. Feel free to call us to discuss your project and arrange an initial meeting.

Fence Builder | Fence Permits
A fence permit is required in all Central Florida communities and counties to add a fence to your property, no matter how short or long your desired fence is, a permit is required. There are many different fence types that can be installed in Central Florida. Being an Orlando Florida Fence contractor and having knowledge of the permitting procedures and the availability of fence styles allows us to handle your fence addition project efficiently and quickly.

Outdoor Living Builder
Enhance your home life by adding an outdoor living space to your existing residence. The term outdoor living space presents endless possibilities of which we present a few here. Your outdoor living space will only be limited by the Florida Building Code and your local development code. Thinking outside fo the box to add a feature that adds new entertainment value to your home is one of the goals of every project. Whether you obtain a custom design from a Landscape Architect or you have an image of somethign that you have found on the internet or in a magazine we will facilitate your project to make your dream a reality. By hiring a licensed general contractor to build your outdoor living space you place the project in the hands of someone who is licensed and skilled to build your proeject. These are not projects that a "Handy Man" is licensed or skilled at constructing. At Fl Custom Home Builders we are licensed and skilled at constructing outdoor living spaces in Orlando and Central Florida including Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Casselberry, Clermont, Kissimmee, Lake County, Lake Mary, Ocoee, Osceola County, Oviedo, Winter Garden, Winter Park, Winter Springs, .





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